23 Ways to Use Window Decals for Business Marketing


Window decals are an effective way to market your business. Whether it’s a logo, slogan or contact information, and window decals can be used in many creative and cost-effective ways to promote your products and services. 

Here are 23 ideas for using window decals for marketing. 

1. Create a Storefront Logo: 

This is one of the most popular uses for window decals – creating an eye-catching logo on your storefront windows that displays your company name or brand message. 

2. Place Slogans on Your Windows: 

Use catchy slogans or taglines to draw attention from passersby and let them know what makes you unique from other businesses in the area.

3. Add Contact Information: 

Make sure your customers can easily contact you by adding your address, phone number, website and social media profiles to the decal. 

4. Create a Window Mural: 

Make a statement with a large-scale window mural that highlights your products or services in an interesting way. 

5. Make Promotional Announcements: 

Use window decals to let customers know about sales, promotions, or new products you’re offering.

6. Feature New Products: 

Spotlight a new product launch or feature items regularly throughout the year on your windows with fresh decals that draw attention from passersby. 

7. Display Coupons and Discounts: 

Offer attractive discounts to encourage people to shop at your store by displaying coupon codes and promos on your windows. 

8. Showcase Awards and Achievements: 

Don’t be shy about showing off your business’s accomplishments! Let customers know you are a trusted resource or have received awards by creating decals that highlight these achievements. 

9. Share Your Mission Statement: 

Display your mission statement as a way to show customers what values and goals your business stands for. 

10. Provide Directions: 

Help potential customers find you quickly with directional decals that point them in the right direction up front. 

11. Highlight Testimonials or Reviews: 

Showcase customer reviews, ratings, or testimonials on your windows to build trust with potential customers. 

12. Create Interactive Decals: 

You can create interactive decals that allow customers to scan a QR code for more information about your products or services. 

13. Feature Your Logo on Vehicles: 

If you have a fleet of delivery vehicles, use window decals to display your logo and contact information while they’re out on the road. 

14. Display Holiday Messages: 

Showcase seasonal greetings and special messages during holidays like Christmas, New Year’s and Thanksgiving with festive window decals. 

15. Use Spot Graphics: 

Spot graphics are small graphic images that can be used to highlight key elements in your design such as logos, product features, or slogans. 

16. Add Colorful Stripes: 

Create colorful stripes on your windows to add a cheerful touch to the decor and attract attention from passersby.

17. Promote Charitable Causes: 

Display decals that promote charitable causes that you are supporting as a way to give back to your community. 

18. Showcase Your Team Members: 

Let customers get to know your team by creating window decals with photos of each team member along with their bios and roles within the company. 

19. Feature Your Services: 

Highlight the different services you offer by displaying them in an eye-catching manner on the windows of your business. 

20. Put Up Signs Related to Special Events: 

If you’re hosting a special event, use window decals to advertise it and let people know about the date, time, and location. 

21. Create Unique Window Art: 

Create custom artwork that reflects your brand or personality on your windows with the help of window decals. 

22. Promote Your Brand Values: 

Let customers know what values you stand for by displaying them on your windows in an engaging way. 

23. Showcase Your Company History: 

Share the story behind your business with a timeline or graphic elements that show how far your business has come over the years. 


Window decals are a great way to make your business stand out and engage with potential customers. Use them to highlight promotional announcements, feature new products, share mission statements, create interactive decals, showcase awards and achievements, display coupons and discounts, provide directions, and more! With the right design elements in place you can draw attention from passersby and express your company’s values in an interesting way.


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