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I’ve been to countless coffee shops in my life, and the ones that I’ve frequented are ones I always thought were good. I’ve never thought I was a “good” coffee drinker, but I do go there often. I thought I was going to be a good coffee drinker when I grew up, but I wasn’t. I’m not a fan of strong coffee, I don’t know why, but I don’t like it.

After spending a lot of time in george’s coffee shop, I discovered I wasnt a good coffee drinker. After watching the trailer (and a lot of screenshots), I decided george would be a good addition to my new coffee drinker club.

So Ive been to george’s coffee shop three times, and Ive been a good coffee drinker the first time, but I just cant get it. I just cant seem to get my cup to go down. I have tried to get a cup of coffee before and I just cant reach it. I cant reach it because I dont know how. Im not gonna lie, it is not very pleasant. It is very cold and the cups are made of plastic.

I have to see this coffee shop again, but I dont want to go to the bar.

I think you are right. It’s not very pleasant. The bar is very nice though. I went there once and the bar was really nice. The coffee is very good, but it’s not the bar.

I can’t believe that you have to say that. That is such a lame comment, but so true. I think you have to go into a coffee shop and order everything from the menu, then pay for it with your credit card, then wait for the waitress to come over to pour your coffee. Then you have to sit and wait for the waitress to finish pouring your coffee because you can’t see anything.

I would agree with that. It’s a nice restaurant, but its not a coffee shop.

I would imagine that the one who would be most likely to be the one to give you a look at the menu would be Phoebe. Like, she’s a pretty nice person and she is always there.

I think the real question for Phoebe, if you have to ask, is, “what is happening to me?” The only thing Phoebe can tell you is that you need to meet up with George to talk to him about “the world you’re in.” And even then, you have to wait for him to show up to do it.

There was also a question from a guy who said they were having a great time there. But since they’re in a time loop, they can’t even talk to each other. So they might as well be in a time loop.

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