How To Add a Story To A Highlight?


Instagram stories are a convenient method to share transitory events from your life without glorifying them on your page. Instagram stories are posts or videos that vanish after 24 hours. However, you may use a feature called Highlights to save a selection of stories and access them as a pin in your profile. If you want to increase your business through Instagram marketing, you can use Mixx to grow more.

A new product called Instagram Highlights allows users to save their favorite Instagram Stories memories. Highlights can be seen beneath your profile picture. As a result, you can upload tales to have them remain as highlights on your profile even after they are deleted. However, before you leave, keep in mind that there are two ways to make an Instagram story highlight.

Make a highlight out of the current story

You can manually make a post or a story from the current story and mark it as a Highlight.

Highlights can be made from old or new stories

All of your tales will be saved automatically in your archive area if you have the Archive option enabled. Thus, you may decide which tales to group together in a Highlight from there.

How to incorporate an Instagram story into a highlight?

To add an Instagram story to a highlight, simply follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Create your Instagram account on your device first.

Step 2: After that, go to your profile and choose Story Highlights, which is located beneath your username and bio.

Step 3: Select New by tapping the addition sign (+).

Step 4: After choosing the story or stories you want to include in the highlights, hit Next.

You may have noticed that the cover pictures are typically taken from the stories you chose for that specific Highlight. However, you alter the Highlights covers without mentioning them in the narrative. The steps you must take to change the Highlights cover image are listed below.

Step 5: Select a cover image by tapping Edit Cover.

Step 6: Click Done after choosing a cover photo.

Step 7: Add or type the name of a story for your highlight, then press Add or Done.

When you’re done, your highlight will be shown on your profile as a circle that, when clicked, plays a standalone narrative. In addition to the instructions above, you may also make a Highlight from the current story.

How to make a highlight out of the current story?

Simply follow these procedures if you have an active story and wish to ensure that it is added to a Highlight:

Step 1: Log into your device’s Instagram account.

Step 2: To view the current story, touch on it.

Step 3: Select Highlight from the menu at the bottom.

Step 4: To make a new highlight, tap the + sign.

Step 5: Type the new Highlight’s name now.

Step 6: You must now select Add.

Following this, your new Highlight will be seen on your profile picture and will be accessible to your followers even beyond the 24-hour story lifespan.

You may always add more images or videos to your highlight at any moment. The procedures to add more stories to a Highlight are listed below.

How to expand a Highlight with more stories?

Follow the instructions below to add more images or videos to your highlight:

Step 1: Log into your device’s Instagram account.

Step 2: Visit your profile and long-press the Highlight that needs to be changed.

Step 3. Next, select Edit Highlight.

Step 4: After deciding which stories to include, tap Done.

Even after the original story has vanished, stories that you add as highlights continue to be available as highlights until you remove them.

Instagram Highlights’ importance

Instagram Highlights can be used to inform followers about your prior actions that were documented in stories. Even telling a continuous story can be done with it. New followers can view your stories thanks to Highlight. Remember that anyone you’ve given permission to access your story can also view your highlights.


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