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Nowadays most students face difficulty in understanding mathematics. Since the parents don’t have much time to teach the students because of their personal commitments. They have to search for an alternative solution. There comes an Idea of home tuition. Due to this pandemic situation, home tuitions are not recommended. The only solution to these problems is to enroll in the best math websites. Which are most trending in recent days and achieved a good success rate. This pattern of studying will enhance the e-learning skills of the students. They get the complete idea of handling gadgets like smartphones, laptops, or computers with good broadband connections.

Top Benefits of Learning Through Online Websites.

Every parent wants their child to get good marks in the exams. This can happen only when the children understand the concepts of the subjects completely. Some children need an extra push in their studies along with their school teaching. Especially the mathematical knowledge gained at the basic level will be used throughout our life. Apart from scoring good marks in the exams, mathematical knowledge will also help to solve many real-time problems. Perfection in any subject can be achieved only through one-to-one interaction between the students and the tutor. This can be achieved through online learning websites. 

This website provides the students with math worksheets, practice question papers, puzzles, etc. Here the students are provided with just an outline of the solution so the students how to solve the problems on their own are guided only when they are stuck in between. Once they solve the problem independently without the help of anyone. It develops the confidence of the students and creates an interest in the subject.

Since these online websites recruit only degree and master’s degree holders in particular subjects, experienced lecturers, and subject experts. They work towards result-oriented programs. The online learning students are provided with readily available PDF notes, printed material, ppt presentations regarding the topics. Which are free from all the errors like spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes, and any other mistakes which can usually happen while writing by the students manually.

Understand More About Solving a System of Equations.

A system of equations is a set of equations that seek a common solution for all the variables that are present in the equations. For example 

 5x-3y = 20

3x-y  = 15

Solving system of equations mainly deals with finding the values of the variables which are used in a set of equations. 

There are mainly three different types of solutions 

  • Unique solutions
  • No solutions
  • Infinite solutions.

1. Unique Solutions of Systems of Equation

In this type of solution, we will get one unique value for the variable. After substituting this value of the variable in the original equation we will get the value of LHS equal to  RHS. 

For example:  3x=12


                    3*4 = 12

                    12 = 12

2. No Solutions

In this case of solutions, we won’t get any solution to solving the system of equations. Which indicates the lines are not intersecting each other at any point. So the lines have appeared to be parallel when they are plotted on the graph.

3. Infinite Solutions

 In this situation, solving the system of equations. We get infinite values which means more than one solution. This indicates lines in the graph overlap each other.

Systems of equations can be solved using a variety of methods they are

Substitution Method

Elimination Method 

Graphical Method 

using Matrices

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