Slack Pricing Vs Clickup Cost Structure Analysis 

Structure Analysis 

We all have about Clickup and Slack software. Even a layman can state that these are two entirely different platforms. It’s not that Slack isn’t used for project management, but the way it works is quite different from what high-end vendors like Clickup do. Setting this difference as a baseline, we conducted a thorough analysis of the Slack pricing vs Clickup cost. It is so the clients can know what they will get for their money.  We will get started with this Slack pricing vs Clickup cost structure analysis by outlining the prime difference between these vendors.  

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How do Slack and Clickup Software Differ? 

Basically, Slack is more of a business communication app known for breaking communication silos. It eliminates all the communication members so teammates can collaborate better to stay on the same page while working on a project. In addition, slack software organizes worklife by simplifying the teamwork inside and outside for companies. In short, Slack software puts forth an interactive communication channel for clients. But Slack receives lots of criticism on social media platforms for its heavy pricing structure. It’s not that Slack is the most costly price on the market, but it’s not cheap either.  

About Clickup software, it is a productivity booster for project engineering teams. Clickup is an end-to-end project management software that lives up to its name by presenting an all-inclusive platform to clients. It looks after the project streams from the scratch leaving no stone unturned. Its extensive feature set, mystic aura, and impressive layout make it stand out from the other vendors. This integrated suite flexes to meet the personalized teams of thousands of teams. Not only does it help set project roadmaps but also execute creative marketing strategies. Besides that, it bats slack by featuring rea;-time collaboration service side-by-side.  

The Price Packages of Clickup and Slack: 

We will try a unique approach to explore the cost bundles of Clickup and Slack. Instead of just focusing on the price tags, we will look into what features they offer and what clients think about them. So, let’s dive into the definitive Slack pricing vs Clickup cost plans overview.  

Slack Software: 

The pricing solutions of the Slack platform are: 


This plan is set on a freemium strategy and offers basic communication facilities. All the features covered in the free plan comes in limited form, which is the main hurdle for clients. Users can see over 

10000 recent messages from the conversion history, can integrate with ten platforms, and conduct only 1:1 video calls. Thus, it is an ideal deal for individuals and small practices.  


It is an upgraded version of the free plan but with fewer restrictions for better collaboration. It is equipped with unlimited integrations, guest accounts, and screen-sharing features. That means clients can have full conversation history at their fingertips. This Slack pricing plan also supports 24/7 customer support and costs $6.67 per user per month. Unfortunately, it’s not affordable for small companies.  

Business +: 

Bear that in mind that Business plus is way more expensive than the pro plan. The benefits clients gain by going for this plan are advanced identity management and compliance regulations for data exports. The Business plus plan also ensures 99.99% guaranteed uptime SLA. Here’s the catch, if, in any case, the servers of Slack software are down, clients will be refunded. In addition, it costs $12.5 per user per month, which puts strain on organizations.  

Enterprise Grid: 

This plan is designed for enterprise-grade remote workspaces having hundreds of thousands of employees. Users are provided the facility to create separate channels for seamless communication. Also, the organizations can create separate workspaces for their teams coupled with a data retention facility. Dedicated 24/7 customer team access is also available in this customized pricing plan of Slack. 

Clickup Software Cost: 

The cost plans of Clickup are as follows: 


To begin with, even the free plan of Clickup is a goldmine of features. Unlike other vendors, this one doesn’t limit the number of users in the freemium plan. Many essential services like two-factor authentication, collaborative docs, kanban boards, and sprint management are included in this bundle. Reviews show all these features encourage clients to switch to paid packages of Clickup. 


The unlimited plan is designed for small teams but offers countless functionalities like unlimited storage, unlimited dashboards, unlimited Gantt charts, unlimited custom fields, and unlimited integrations. No other software facilitates project engineers as Clickup does. The reviews of Clickup reveal that this is the most in-demand plan of this robust platform. It costs $5 per user per month.  


The business plan offers comprehensive tools for organizations planning wide-range projects. You can use this plan to grant visibility to the guests outside your organization. The business plan comes with a two-factor authentication service, limitless automations, a timeline, and mind maps. The solution costs $12 per user per month even though it features goal folders.  

Business Plus: 

It is an upgraded version of the Business plan with customized capabilities. This multi-team plan allows clients to set custom roles, custom permissions, and custom capacity in workload. The level of customization Clickup supports is unbeatable, which is evident from its positive reviews. The best part is that the vendor supports admin training webinars, which adds value to organizations. The cost range of this Clickup vendor is $19 per user per month.  


As for the enterprise plan, it is designed for global organizations working all over the world. It nurtures end-to-end collaboration with high-tech tools and functionalities like white labeling. Besides that, it comes with advanced security protocols like single sign-on. Getting new members on board is also a breeze with the live onboarding training services of the Enterprise plan. This plan is customized, so you have to contact sales to get started.  

We recommend you to schedule a demo with Clickup and Slack for a better insight into this solution.  


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