sully’s barber shop


I am so happy I got to be a part of Sully’s barbershop while I was in high school. I remember being one of the very first Barbershop students to get married in the barber shop and I was still the oldest barber in the shop when it closed. I always said that I would be there to cut my hair while the barber did so, but I never got the chance.

I’m glad you got to be a part of Sullys barbershop. It’s the coolest place in the world right next to my school.

We just finished talking to Steve D’Angelo, the guy who ran the shop and let us take some video footage of his shop. He was a huge Sullys fan, and had some pretty cool pictures of the shop and his barbershop from when he was a young Barbershop student, so I guess he’s old enough to remember me.

No Sullys fan would ever forget you, but now you seem to be a mainstay in the Sullys fan community. The best part is that he lives out in the sticks of Chicago.

He’s currently working as a barber shop owner in the heart of Chicago’s Sullys fan community. Steve DAngelo is the owner of his barbershop. He lives in Chicago, but he still works in Chicago.

The best part is that Steve Dangelo is a Chicago native. He grew up in the suburbs of Illinois, but his family still lived in the city and he still goes to school there. I guess that is why he became a barber, but more than that, he’s a good guy.

That’s the hardest part. Although I would go on and on about how much life has sucked, it is also the most rewarding part but a lot of it is the way we interact, how we look at ourselves, and what we want to do. There is a reason that this stuff is so hard to get to in the first place. It seems like the best way to do it is to be a better friend because you don’t always seem to be doing anything that is wrong with you.

It’s hard to get a good guy to do things that you would not want to do yourself. You may find that he might have some friends to be friends of, but you would not be able to keep him from saying something about his friends. He has also been described as a good friend, but he has also been described as a boss. I have been told that he is only good because he has a sense of humor, and that is probably why he has a good relationship with people.

I would not be able to keep the barber shop alive without him knowing exactly what he is doing. I have a good sense of humor and I would not have him in a barber shop if he didn’t know what he is doing.

I do not think sully did mean he was good because he is also known as a good friend. I think he was saying that he is a good friend because he has a sense of humor. He is a good friend because he has a sense of humor and because he has a good sense of humor.

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