Throw-in Handicap: The most effective betting concept and experience!


A throw-in is a situation that is almost certain to happen in a football match. However, the way this situation plays out can be rich and unpredictable. That’s why the house has a throw-in handicap. Although it is just a side bet, this type of rafter is still worth paying attention to. Are you planning to take a throw-in? Do not ignore this article if you want to improve your chances of getting the correct house edge and check this betting application in Uganda.

The Throw-in Handicap predicts the throw-in

Specifically, throw-in markets are predictions for throw-in. The throw-in is taken when the ball crosses the goal line of the playing court. At that time, the player of one of the two teams is the one who has the right to throw in in each specific case. From here, one can place bets to predict the first throw-in, the number of throw-ins, or bets on the team with more throw-ins, etc.

Although not a main bet, the throw-in handicap is still of interest to many people. The reason is that the number of throw-ins is really unpredictable and unexpected. That’s why the number of bonuses and the drama of the rafters are pushed up more and more interestingly!

Some familiar throw-in bets

The throw-in handicap does not have only one type, but many types for players to choose from.

Bet on the team to throw in first

The first type to mention is the prediction of the first throw-in team. There are 2 bets in this market. Those are obviously home bets and away bets. When looking at the house, you only need to choose 1 of 2 betting doors opened by the house.

There are many types of throw-in markets for each match

If calculating the probability for each door, the chance is almost 50/50 because in the match, the fighting and pushing the ball out of bounds between the two teams is almost equivalent. However, if the game level difference is too big, you can also prioritize the stronger team.

Over/Under bets on the number of throws

You can also bet on the over and under on throw-in markets. Specifically, we will predict that the total number of throw-ins will be more or less than a certain number. This type of bet is quite similar to the over and under bet on the number of goals, the number of penalty cards, the number of corners, etc.

In the over and under throw-in, if the total number of throws is higher than the number given by the house, the over bet wins; otherwise, the underdog wins. However, if the actual total of throws is exactly the same as the number given by the dealer, the bet will be refunded.


In this market, you will bet on the team with the greater number of throw-ins. Not only that, do not forget that the bet only counts the number of valid throws. From here, bettors can eat all, get a 1/2 bonus, or tie as well as a handicap for throw-in.

Calculate the number of throws in the bet

Not all throws taken will be considered in the betting results. That’s why you need to know how to calculate the number of throw-ins correctly. Specifically, the bookie will not count throw-ins taken during extra time or injury time. However, if the team tosses the throw-in wrong, both the wrong and the retaken kick can count.

Thus, it is clear that predicting the number of throw-in situations is not as simple as many people think. You need to have knowledge, experience, and most importantly, find a reputable bookie to quickly and safely bet.

A must-know note when playing throw-in

If you choose a throw-in, you must definitely know the following notes. If you don’t take advantage of it, you’ll regret missing out on your chance to win big.

First of all, pay attention to choosing the right bet. You can follow the bet on episode 1, half 2, or the entire game with a throw-in.

Be careful when choosing half-time or full-match bets

Second, if you bet on the first team to throw in, this is a full-time bet. This market will have a result as soon as the first team throws in. If you choose this bet, you can rest assured that there will be results soon. In fact, almost 100% of matches take place with at least 1 throw-in.

Easy-to-apply throw-in betting experience

Knowing the rules of betting and placing bets is not enough. Read some of the following experiences to bet more effectively.

The first experience is that before placing a bet, you need to learn carefully the style of the two teams. Specifically, see how the lake attacks and determine if the ball tends to go out or contest the flanks. If so, surely the number of throw-ins in the upcoming match will be huge. Usually, the team that has good control of the ball will throw in fewer than the team that tends to attack the side and cross the wing. Playing style will also help you see which team is likely to be the first to throw in.

Do not forget to apply more experience in this article to place more accurate bets

In the process of watching the match, pay attention to being objective and sober. You should not be too dependent on personal feelings to place bets. The throw-in prediction will be accurate if you watch the ball with a rational mind, understand which team is holding the ball, and how much their ability is.

If you realize that the game is going fast, with the two teams playing intense attacks, the number of throw-ins will definitely be higher. The reason is that the competition to dribble and attack takes place continuously. Meanwhile, the obvious response must be shots to the edges.

Finally, don’t assume that the strong team will throw in more throws than the weak team. That is also a subjective opinion. You will need to rely on the actual progress of the match to place an accurate bet. We hope that the knowledge and experience we have gathered and drawn from can be useful to you. Do not forget to choose for yourself a quality bookmaker before placing a bet.


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